Modulushca Project Final Conference to be held in Paris

Portada conferenceSecond International Physical Internet Conference will take place from 6th to 8th of July 2015 in Paris. This conference follows the first IPIC conference organized last year in Québec. The event is hosted by MINES ParisTech and it will gather several Logistics European projects such as BESTFACT and LOGICON, both with the financial support of the European Commission. It’s supported also by MHI, the largest material handling, logistics and supply chain institute in USA.

This will be a joint event with the Final MODULUSHCA Project Conference, where the latest results and challenges about interconnected logistics will be presented. Modulushca project (Modular Logistics Units in Shared Co-Modal Networks) is the first real experience of the Physical Internet vision in Europe which proposes to use a new framework of interconnected logistics especially designed for open resource sharing. The aim of this event is to discuss the project advances and the new logistics approaches and to stimulate the participation within an open interconnected logistics system.

More than 220 professionals from all over the world including researchers, industrial and international institution members, local authorities and standardization committees will attend the conference. Besides, at least six Physical Internet related projects (France, Canada and Hong-Kong) will present their latest results. Thereby, this meeting will be a unique opportunity to meet the highly dynamic environment of European projects, share views, network and discuss the latest results and challenges about interconnected logistics.

Projects like BESTFACT and LOGICON have already joined and supported the conference to share their latest results in freight transport and data connectivity solutions and to look for cooperation between projects supported by the European Commission.

The Conference will count with a number of outstanding keynote speakers that will stimulate the discussions during the workshop sessions as well as technical presentations and exchange of experience to implement interconnected logistics solutions. Sessions will be moderated by key stakeholders of supply chains such as P&G, DHL, BAYER, SCHMITZ CARGOBULL, FM LOGISTICS, CHEP, POSTE ITALIANE and organizations as GS1 or research centers as PTV GROUP, GEORGIA TECH, MINES ParisTech and ITENE.

ALICE, the Alliance for Logistics innovation through collaboration in Europe, plays role in the event along with F&L, the European Freight and Logistics Leaders Forum.

Physical Internet

Physical Internet Initiative proposes a more sustainable solution for organizing the supply chain based on an open network which can be used by any supplier. This approach aims to universally interconnect logistic networks as the Internet did with computer networks. This vision proposes to use a new framework of logistics specially designed for the sharing of resources.

In this framework, all goods are encapsulated in smart eco-friendly unit loads and are handled, stored and transported as best fit in modular unit loads through shared facilities and across open networks.

After several national projects that demonstrated the stakes, the EU FP7 Modulushca project is a huge contribution toward its development and experimentation at an international level.

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Hashtag of the conference: #2015IPIC