The concept of 'Physical Internet' was presented at Hispack in Barcelona

The “Physical Internet” concept and the Modulushca Project was presented the 23rd of April at Hispack 2015 hosted in Barcelona (Spain).

Maximo Martínez, Research manager at the Supply Network Innovation Center of Procter & Gamble in Belgium, explained how iso-modular packaging works in the revolutionary logistics network physical internet, an open and interconnected logistics systems.

 According to this conference, the use of iso containers with different dimensions allows to create flows of transport for merchandise and movement optimization of goods and persons. In this way, Modulushca project propose an innovation to create new sustainability ways of mobility to preserve the future of the territories.

The conference was place at the Pack & Logistic Corner at Hispack, one the most important fairs about packaging in Spain. This edition which brought together more than 700 firms, highlighted sustainability, internationalization and the real link with the need of packaging consumers.