Modulushca, presented at the Supply Chain Conference in Phoenix

The Modulushca project and the concept of Physical Internet was presented at the Supply Chain Conference 2015 hosted in Phoenix, AZ (USA).



Benoit Montreuil, PhD, professor at Georgia Tech, explained the Modulushca project at the general session “Smart Devices Meet Smart Supply Networks- When the Digital and Physical Worlds Connect”. He mapped a detailed path illustrating how supply chains are likely to change, presenting graphs and diagrams to explain the benefits and necessity of consolidation. During the session, he will share the possibilities when the Internet of Things connects to the Physical Internet. This new concept is an open logistics system founded on physical, digital, and operational interconnectivity.

The conference was share with another experts such as Jack Uldrich, Contributor to the Wall Street Journal, Wired and Businessweek, who opened the presentation talking about our preconceptions about the supply chain during this era of unprecedented change.  Also, Doug Stephens, Founder, Retail Prophet, participated explaining the current shift we are seeing between marketing and store fronts.

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