Modulushca, a new proposal for the Intelligent Mobility

Modulushca was present at the second edition of the Conference about Intelligent Mobility in Lille who performed the ATEC ITS France in collaborative partnership with CCI Grand Lille.



The main transport roads at the metropolitan areas are increasingly swamped. For this reason it is important to develop new technologies and innovations to optimize the movement of goods and persons. According with this conference about Intelligent Mobility, the digital technology has been used to create new systems to give solutions and answers to this problems in terms of accessibility, environment and a better life quality.

Modulushca offered as a solution the concept of “Physical Internet”. The aim is to interconnect the logistics to make it easy and accessible. This project is focused in allow the operations with logistics iso-modulars units with different dimensions to create flows of transport for merchandise. Modulushca propose an innovation to create new sustainability ways of mobility to preserve the future of the territories.

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