MODULUSHCA, at Interpack 2014

MODULUSHCA was present at Interpack last may 2014, in ITENE's booth. Interpack is the most important packaging trade fair in the world and takes place in Düsseldorf (Germany) every three years. The attendance to the event was succesfull: there were 175.000 visitors coming from 120 countries.

The project addresses the recently introduced Physical Internet vision (PI), which proposes to use a new framework of interconnected logistics especially designed for open resource sharing, notably thanks to open standard on load units, real time identification and routing through open facilities.

The aim of the project is to enable operating with developed iso-modular logistics units of sizes adequate for real modal and co-modal flows of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), providing a basis for an interconnected logistics system for 2030

Many of these visitors were interested in the Modulushca project, which is being developed by a consortium composed of 15 organizations.

In the next picture you can see Máximo Martínez (Procter&Gamble) and Juan Alcaraz (ITENE).