Workshop- Physical internet: the logistics of the future in FMCG

July 10, 2014 – Valencia

 Can you imagine a scenario where the process for sending goods was as accessible and simple as sending an email? At any time, quantity or shipping destination. This is only a comparison to explain the concept “Physical Internet”.

 The Physical Internet (PI) proposes switching to open pooling, not requiring individual agreements between actors, by embracing an interconnection approach. It uses the Physical Internet as our vision of interconnected logistics, an open global logistics system founded on physical, digital and operational interconnectivity through encapsulation, interfaces and protocols.

 This innovative model has barriers and solutions, some already identified. What we propose in this activity is a participative session to detect what are the main obstacles to lead.




Máximo Martínez,
Supply Network
Innovation Center
in Procter&Gamble

Eric Ballot, Supply Chain. Expert and professor in Mines ParisTech (France)

Patricia Bellver, Project Manager of the Transport & Logistics Department. ITENE (Packaging, Transport & Logistics Research Center)


  • Meet the new concept of Universal interconnected logistics in FMCG through international experts.
  • Provide experience and opinion about barriers and possible solutions.
  • Validate a roadmap to make this real in 2030. 



  • FMCG manufacturers
  • Logistics operator
  • Retailers
  • ITC suppliers
  • Standards organisations  



 09:00 Opening MODULUSHCA Workshop

 09:10 Introduction

 Expectations & Agenda  

09:30 Fast Moving Consumer Goods 

 Current Situation and challenges 

 10:30 Discussion with the participants

 11:00 Coffee break

 11:15 Vision of interconnected logistics

 Share the MODULUSHCA vision

12:15 MODULUSHCA Roadmap validation: how to get there?

13:30 Lunch

14:00 Interactive session: discussing and prioritization of steps and actions, what is missing, what should be adapted?

15:00 Summary

 Questions, answers, discussion, feedback workshop execution

15:30 Get together 



ITENE C/Albert Einstein 1, Parque tecnológico,

46980 Paterna, Valencia



Attendance is free of charge but pre-registration is needed.  To register now please click here