1st Workshop for industrial partners in Paris

In the context of a workshop with the industrial partners committed in the project, the researchers will examine the current state of interconnection in FMCG logistics.

This workshop will be the starting point to identify the most important interconnection obstacles to the experimentation and deployment of interconnection and to examine how these obstacles structure and constrain the activities of current supply networks.

The foreseeable impacts of the implementation of interconnection of FMCG supply networks in experimentations will be identified, validated with the partners and whenever possible modelled with various hypotheses.

This evaluation will be made for all stakeholders involved through the three dimensions of sustainability: economic (cost, economic added value), environment (CO2 emissions, energy consumption, pollution as well as materials usage and waste) and social (service level, painfulness of handling work).

A particular attention will be put on transport efficiency (e.g. t.km, truck load, modal shift). These analyses will bring to the project the critical success factors but also the obstacles and barriers towards an implementation of the Physical Internet, firstly with regard to the MODULUSHCA demonstration pilots and subsequently throughout the FMCG industry.

28 février 2013 in Paris
Mines ParisTech
60, bd Saint-Michel
75006 PARIS


09:00 Opening

09:10 Introduction
Expectations & Agenda

09:30 Fast Moving Consumer Goods
Current Situation, driver and contraints

10:45 Vision of interconnected logistics
Share the vision

12:15 Lunch

13:30 Can the vision meet the FMCG needs? 
Discussing driver and contraints, what is missing, what should be adapted

15:00 Coffee break

15:15 Project MODULUSHCA
Introduction and feedback

17:00 Summary
Questions, answers, discussion, feedback workshop execution

17:30 Get together

Who will be represented?

Casino Group
Danone Eaux
Fives Group
GS1 France
Ministère du Transport
Région Ile de France
TU Berlin