Poste Italiane is recognized as national and international benchmark in postal, courier, logistics, finance, insurance and, most recently, the mobile phone market segments. Collection and delivery of mail, parcels, telegrams, express mail services and digital postal services strongly characterize the services offered by Poste Italiane that are fully integrated with the financial and payment services such as postal account, postal savings, national and international money orders, currency exchange service. All of these services rely on a “networked” information technology and telecommunications (ICT) infrastructure that are characterized by being among the most advanced in the country. Poste Italiane also carries out as a designated universal postal service provider, the role of social cohesion in terms of services to citizens and governments, providing increasingly innovative solutions through the use of its network, characterized by a high degree of capillarity in the country. The mission is to become a company which provide value-added services, making the most of its key assets; one of the most relevant, the widespread presence throughout the territory, meets the specific needs of the country as a whole, leveraging a wide and integrated range of services based on their skills as postal logistics, financial and business process management outsourcing. Fundamental tool for achieving these objectives is the use of information and telecommunications technologies (ICT) aimed at setting up the "network company" among the most advanced, complete and capillaries of the country.